Product care

Concrete is a natural material, hence is subject to aging and imperfections derived from the natural and human weathering. Though it is a beautiful material with unique characteristics, concrete, like any stone, must be taken care of properly. To help ensure its perfect maintenance we provide the following guidelines:

1) Do not leave any wet or moist products to the surface to avoid stains or marking. We recommend using coasters under your soaps and wiping the spills as you go with cool water and a soft cloth. 2) We advise keeping away corrosive liquids that contain high levels of PH, such as bleach, lemon or nail polish remover, as these may cause staining and erosion to the surface of the concrete. If exposure occurs, rinse immediately with water and follow the usual cleansing procedure. 3) Sira basins must not be cleaned with any products containing bleach or scratched with metal brushes. Sira advises using a PH neutral cleaner and a soft, non abrasive cloth 4) Avoid applying excessive force to the concrete as that will weaken the product or may allow a vacuum to form. Concrete is not flexible, hence why leaving heavy items on the surface for a long period of time can cause a difference in surface texture and, in some cases, even breakages. 5) Although concrete is a hard wearing material, crackings can occur mainly on the edges of the basin due to its vulnerability. Avoid collisions with heavy objects directly to the surface to protect your basin and make sure this doesn’t happen. 6) To create a more polished finish, Sira basins can be waxed as needed as the original wax fades. The wax creates a protective barrier that gives the concrete greater stain resistance and helps with abrasion.  These guidelines will help you take care of your Sira Concrete basin and keep it in the best condition. However, due to the natural essence of the material, staining, scratching and chipping can also take place as the basin ages. Find more information about Sira Concrete’s innate characteristics on the material characteristics section. For even more information, please contact us at  

Sira's Concrete

We develop our concrete from a careful selection of raw, sustainable and organic materials. Water and sand are the primary aggregates to which we add natural cements to ensure that they have the highest technical performance of rigidity, durability and tightness. Once the cement is dry, we obtain the final basin which we then polish by hand, generating small singularities that add personality to the piece.

Material Characteristics

Due to the manufacturing process, it is possible for air bubbles to become clogged in concrete forming pinholes or air pockets.

Exposure to direct sunlight over a long period of time can cause concrete to slowly discolor.

Small and fine cracks may appear on the surface of the concrete due to the natural life cycle of the material. They are very common and do not affect the quality or strength of the basin.

The traditional mix of aggregates, sand and cement, through which Sira concrete is manufactured, can cause the aggregates to be visible within the surface and edges of the basins.

There may be color variations on the surface due to the different materials that make up the concrete, making each toilet a unique and special piece.

The possible visible lines formed by the pouring of the concrete during the liquid state are another characteristic of the product.