Introducing the new pigmented Sira Concrete valves

We believe in the power of personalization. For this reason, we wanted to take a step forward in the design of our pieces to be able to offer an all-around design concept. This new universal valve, coated through our basic range of 12 pigments, is created to match each piece in the best possible way and offer a global design concept.


1) Brass material: 100% chrome-plated brass for perfect reliability.2) High quality level coverage that complies with the NSS 200h test (ISO 9227), obtaining the upper level of the test (Grade 10 - ISO 10289); guarantee against corrosion.3) Click-clack mechanisms tested to withstand 50.000 opening/closing cycles.4) Available in the 12 Sira Pigments: PEARL WHITE (PW); CONCRETE GREY (CG); CHARCOAL (CH); OYSTER WHITE (OW); SAND (SA); FOG GREY (FG); CORAL PINK (CP); SUNSET YELLOW (SY); SKY BLUE (SB); MINT (MI); OCEAN BLUE (OB); ORANGE CLAY (OC).