Introducing PEAKIn conversation with A SPACE ABOUT

We met with Laura and Noa, creative directors of A SPACE ABOUT, to chat about the inspiration behind Palangana Sink, our first Custom Collection piece. A SPACE ABOUT is an interior design and product design studio for brands that seek to inhabit well-thought-out spaces. Laura and Noa founded the studio with the aim of taking care of all parts of the process of creation, conceptualization and design of a space, connecting brands and companies with their community through strategic design: from the creation of brand identity to the transformation of physical, virtual or ephemeral spaces

How would you describe your personal approach when starting a new Project? Each project, we start by building a narrative that allows us to open a path from where to start imagining, playing, and creating a unique world for each client. We understand interior design from a multidisciplinary point of view, that's why we surround ourselves with an ecosystem of artists and craftsmen, local and international, with the same values as A SPACE ABOUT; people who capture the essence of the stories behind each project. One of your specialties is designing custom furniture. In what scenarios do you choose to design your own pieces? Always. We believe that the harmony of a space is based on unique and singular elements. In order to create the narrative and concept that we mentioned before, we need to be able to express it in different ways. Having custom-made and thought-out furniture, by the hand of each client, is key to achieving this.

Our first Custom piece, Palangana Sink, was designed by you specifically for the Puigcerdà project. What kind of experience did you aim to create for the visitors? How does Palangana dialogue with its space? We led the rehabilitation project of the CIM Hotel by transforming the building into a cutting-edge boutique hotel. Through a multidisciplinary and collaborative work with the client, local artists, and artisans, we created a unique space that offers a warm, close and an all-around well-cared for experience. Before starting a project, we like to know the context in which it will develop and the people who will lead it. This way we can understand what they need, what story they want to tell through the space and which elements will reflect their personality. During the process of considering how to achieve this feeling, we focused on characteristic elements of the mountain village houses. A key piece was the bathroom basin – also known as “Palangana” in Spanish: a circular container, wide and deep, traditionally used in village houses for washing. What we did was taking the concept and giving it a contemporary touch. At a formal level, Palangana is multifunctional, since it incorporates the washing area in a single piece of furniture, and has space to put hygiene and bathroom products and a small shelf to leave the toilet bag.

What was the main goal of designing a custom piece like Palangana? For us, Palangana is an exercise of reinterpretation and innovation. How has handwashing changed over time? It is a piece that can generate concern. In recent years, the bathroom basin has lost prominence and it has become an almost anecdotal element, especially in commercial bathrooms. Overall, it's a poorly thought-out piece and it's increasingly uncomfortable in terms of experience. Currently, there are standardized models with the same shape. But we wanted to create a sculptural piece that would give prominence and character to the entire space. How was the creation process together with Sira Concrete? We enjoy working with start-ups and local companies. We believe that Sira Concrete brings a new vision and solves a market need and we love the versatility of the material, as well as the craftsmanship behind each piece.

Besides Palangana Sink, do you have a favorite basin of our main catalog?  The Cenote basin is our favorite because we are very attracted to the idea of the sink being the center of attention in any space. For that reason, Cenote is a sculptural element that meets all the expectations of this type of furniture: it has the personality, comfort, and uniqueness. In fact, we placed it in the last project we led: Bloss Barcelona. A hair salon located in the center of Barcelona that offers personalized experiences to each client. The concept behind this space aims to return to the origin of the materials used in hairdressing. The dyes come from the earth, like clay, and we wanted to play with this texture and two shades: beige and brown. In the end it is another exercise in transformation and hand washing is key to achieving this.