New Bathtub Collection

With our first freestanding bathtub, Duna, we’ve broadened the possibilities of personalization in bathing. This new element becomes the perfect centerpiece for any unique bathroom or outdoor space, and its clean lines and a curved form make for the perfect spot for relaxation. Simple yet elegant, the smooth surface of the concrete makes it an ideal material to relax on, while managing to be rough enough to prevent slipping. Concrete properties are also excellent for keeping the water warm for a long time. 

With Duna, our goal was to deliver a well-designed, bold piece that would establish itself as a centerpiece for exclusive spaces.

Ultimately, this bathtub provides breathtaking beauty and optimum comfort. In our nude and more calmed pigments, the piece will give off a zen ambience, where the bare material speaks for itself. On the other hand, the more vibrant tones excite a modern aesthetic with a sleek look. Just like all of our basins, the Duna bathtub is polished by our team of artisans that finish each piece to make sure they have a unique look.