A new generation ofconcrete basins

Sira,a word of Greek origin that links to the Mediterranean origins of our culture. Around 2018, our environmental concerns and innovative spirit pushed us to look for ways to take advantage of the natural materials available to us to turn them into avant-garde and trend-setting products that would break the mold in the interior design sector. After a long period exploring the most sustainable production avenues and developing designs, we started creating concrete basins with complex technical specifications. 

Pieces of pure lines and harmonic proportions, industrially manufactured and manually polished.

The creation process involved experimenting with the multiple uses of concrete. We found that its application in basins created a solid, durable product with a very pure aesthetic. The ability of this "liquid stone" to conform to all imaginable shapes offered us a unique versatility that we could not let go; it was exactly what we were looking for!

The creative and innovative spirit of Barcelona is part of our DNA.

The city, as an international design focus, allows us to establish synergies with leading professionals from different fields when designing and producing our basins. We are surrounded by references that provide us with creative ideas and constant solutions. We manufacture to order so as not to stock or overproduce. We only use packaging made with OSB and we do not use any type of plastic. We always bet on local suppliers and local raw materials that involve fair displacements. We do everything in our power to take care of the planet.